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Comparison between no credit check mobile phone deals and traditional mobile phone contracts

If you have no prior credit history or have a poor credit score, chances are that you’ve considered applying for mobile phone deals no credit check. The reason why no credit check mobile phones have become very popular as compared to conventional mobile phone contracts is because they do not attract any kind of credit checks and as such the acceptance rates are very high. While this is laudable in every aspect, there are a number of outstanding things or aspects that distinguish no credit mobile phones from traditional mobile phone contracts. How do no credit check mobile phones compare to traditional mobile phone contracts?

Credit checks

If you have in the past applied for a conventional mobile phone contract, you will agree with me that credit checks are mandatory. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why those with a poor credit score found the going tough every time they sought to be approved for a phone contract. No credit check mobile phones on the other hand do not attract any credit checks or rather ones credit score doesn’t play a major role in the approval or rejection of a contract.

Upfront payments

Provided that you have a healthy credit history, making an upfront payment is not mandatory when applying for standard mobile phone contracts. Your good credit score is all that is needed for you to get a deal of your choosing based on the plans on offer. The same cannot be said of no credit check mobile phones. Since providers deem you as a risk, chances are that you might be required to make a hefty deposit prior to being approved for a phone contract especially if you are seeking to apply for a high end phone.


The higher the risk, the higher the cost of your phone contract. Individuals applying for no credit check mobile phones tend to pay high monthly installments as compared to those on standard mobile phone contracts. In fact, the interest rates are abnormally high because those under no credit check mobile phones are deemed to be high risk. The same cannot be said of those under standard mobile phone contracts. The monthly repayments are relatively cheaper as compared to no credit check mobile phones.

Contract lock in period

The truth of the matter is that those on no credit check mobile phones contracts have no say on the minimum period for which they might want to be locked in a contract. In any case, the provider sets the minimum period for which a person must be locked in a contract which is mostly 18 months and above. Standard mobile phone contracts for individuals with a good credit history attract a minimum contract lock in period of 6 months which is a far cry to the 18 months which a person with a poor credit rating must be locked in when applying for a phone contract.



Individuals with a healthy credit history can upgrade their phone contracts any time they so wish. This is not the case with no credit check mobile phones where a person has to have their accounts reviewed before they can upgrade to a better package or phone.