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What you need to know when applying for No credit check mobile phones

If you have a poor credit rating, chances are that you’ve been denied a phone contract in the past. Before mobile phone deals no credit check became a reality, getting approved for a phone contract especially if you had a poor credit rating was a herculean task. UK individuals with a poor credit rating had to contend with one rejection after the other and this was a major cause of heartaches and disappointments. In any case, UK providers rarely glanced at an application twice especially if it emanated from a person with a poor credit score. Those with a poor credit score had to contend with second class treatment from providers offering mobile phone contracts.


Then came the introduction of no credit check mobile phones and the situation changed as more and more UK citizens could now get approved for a phone contract without having to worry on end about credit checks. While this was laudable in every aspect, these types of mobile phone deals no credit check came at an unusually huge price. Individuals applying for a no credit check phones had to part with huge amounts of cash in terms of upfront payment as providers sought for ways to reduce risks on their part.

The situation was further compounded especially if a person wanted to apply for a high end phone through no credit check mobile phones. Luckily enough, there are a number of ways in which you can get yourself a better deal through no credit check mobile phones. All is not gloom when applying for mobile phone deals no credit checks. You don’t have to put up with the high prices or monthly costs if you take proper measures to reduce the cost as much as possible and get the best deal. There are indeed a number of ways you can get a cheaper mobile phone deals no credit checks and ensure that you enjoy the best deals.

For starters, you need not just apply with the first provider you come into contact with. There are thousands of providers in the UK offering no credit check mobile phones and hence it is important that you do your research and go for a provider that offers cheaper mobile phone deals. Secondly, if you want to get the cheapest deals, ensure that you go for a relatively cheap mobile phone. The latest high end phones such as Samsung galaxy s7 are very expensive and therefore require a hefty deposit and high monthly repayments. It is therefore important that you go for phones that were released a while back. Old phones tend to be cheaper as compared to newly released mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy s7 or LG G5.

Thirdly, you can always check your credit report prior to applying for a phone contract. After all, your credit score could be in poor shape because of errors. By closely scrutinizing your credit report, you can easily identify any errors and have them rectified prior to applying for a phone contract. Fourthly, never take the offer you’ve been given on the table simply because you have a poor credit rating. It is important that you try to haggle for a discount or an improvement of the package you’ve been offered. After all, your provider cannot give you a better package if you don’t ask for it.

If you do all the aforementioned, you end up with a better no credit check phone contract that aptly meets your needs and which is good for you. Just ensure that you take your time and that you apply for a no credit mobile phone deal from an informed perspective.