About us



South Phones is a well-known, well respected top tier mobile phone deals no credit check provider that has over the years been at the forefront of helping thousands of UK individuals with a poor credit rating get approved for a phone contract. We are not only committed to helping UK citizens get access to affordable mobile phone contracts but also take it upon ourselves to offer money advice as well as how to get approved for a loan even if a person has a poor credit rating.

At South Phones, we understand that having a poor credit history can hinder a person from enjoying many things and that is why we have since inception been committed to attending to the needs of those with a poor credit rating with the sole aim of ensuring that they get access to no credit check mobile phone contracts without going through hardships. Our customer personnel are well equipped to guide you and answer any queries you might be having regarding mobile phone contracts. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been rejected before or if it’s your first time applying for a phone contract, at South Phones, we are always here to ensure that all your needs are met.