A sneak peek into guaranteed mobile phone contracts

If there is something that lights up the face of a person with a poor credit rating, it has to be the guarantee of approval any time they apply for a mobile phone contract. After having had to deal with the mental anguish of rejections every time they applied for a phone contract over the years, the introduction of guaranteed mobile phone contracts was like a breath of fresh air. The introduction or unveiling of guaranteed mobile phone contracts was received with pomp and glamour. The promise of approval even if a person had a poor credit rating was enough to have individuals with a poor credit history bubbling with optimism.


Unlike before, those with a poor credit rating could apply for a phone contract without fear of being rejected and go ahead to enjoy the benefits that came with a phone contract. These types of phone contracts offer you the guarantee of approval irrespective of whether you have a history of CCJ or defaults and are specifically designed for individuals whose credit score is in doldrums. Essentially, what happens is that individuals with a less than average credit score go for this type of contract because of the ease of approval as well as the guarantee that comes with it.

How do they work?

In essence, guaranteed mobile phone contracts act just like conventional mobile phone contract the difference being in the perks offered, the mode of approval as well as the period for which a person can be locked into the contract. These types of phone contracts are instrumental for individuals with no prior credit history as well as those with bad credit and whose efforts to get approved for a standard contract have come to naught. Like conventional mobile phone contracts, you still have to make an application and wait for it to be approved. However, unlike conventional contracts where approval is pegged on credit checks, guaranteed mobile contracts approval is not hinged on credit scores. In fact, even a person with a history of CCJ can be guaranteed of an approval provided that they make a small upfront payment.


How do you go about applying for guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

As is the case with conventional mobile phone contracts, application for guaranteed mobile phone contracts pretty much follows the same script. You have to research the right guaranteed mobile phone contract provider, read reviews to ascertain that they ascribe to the highest level of professionalism, compare the different plans on offer, read the fine print and finally apply. The provider you ultimately settle for should be ascribing to the principles of total quality management, be reputable, affordable and all inclusive in so far as your contract needs are concerned.

To sum it up, while guaranteed mobile phone contracts have been instrumental in helping people with bad credit get approved for a phone contract, it is important to note that they are slightly more expensive that standard mobile phone contracts, have fewer perks as compared to traditional contracts and in some instances one might be required to pay a deposit prior to being approved. The deposit is always refundable at the expiry of a contract provided that a given account is in good standing. Above all, used in the right way, guaranteed phone contracts can help a person to gradually improve their credit score provided that they do not default in making payments.